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FLA Professional Abdominal Binder 9in. Paneled

FLA Professional Abdominal Binder 9in. Paneled
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FLA Professional Abdominal Binder 9in. Paneled

  • BRAND: FLA Orthopedics
  • GENDER: Women’s|Men's|Unisex
  • STYLE/LENGTH: Abdominal Support/Brace
  • CONDITION: Abdominal Ailments|Arthritis
  • HINGE/TOE TYPE: Non-Hinged

Conformed, Tapered Fit
Wide Range of Adjustability
Soft, Latex-Free Woven Elastic
9" Height

Constructed of a true woven elastic, this abdominal support provides excellent compression to help support weakened abdominal muscles. The three-panel (9" height) design with a simulated hinged stitch allows for the most conformed, tapered fit as it encourages controlled breathing. The exterior is hook-compatible for a wider range of adjustability and easy application while the inside has a soft, latex-free lining. Ideal for anyone needing abdominal support and compression, especially those with weak abdominal muscles after surgeries or pregnancy. Hides well beneath clothing.

Complete wearing, application, and care instructions are included.
Size     Abdomen Size  
  Small     30 in - 45 in  
  Medium     46 in - 62 in  
  Large     60 in - 75 in  
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