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SAI Orthotex Knee Stabilizer - Hinged Bars

SAI Orthotex Knee Stabilizer - Hinged Bars
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Item # 2543-S1
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SAI Orthotex Knee Stabilizer - Hinged Bars

  • GENDER: Unisex|Men's|Women's
  • STYLE/LENGTH: Knee Support/Brace
  • CONDITION: Knee Ailments|Arthritis
  • HINGE/TOE TYPE: Hinged|Hinged Bars

This OTC knee stabilizer is made from Orthotex fabric, an open three-dimensional knit that is a non-latex alternative to neoprene. It offers breathability, elasticity, therapeutic compression, comfort and heat control. It is less hot to wear than neoprene, thus appropriate for long-term wear or wear in warm climates and ideal for wearers who are allergic to or irritated by neoprene fabric.

Features & Benefits:

  • Polycentric hinged bars, with flexion and extension stops, provide excellent side-to-side stability
  • Multi-directional stretch material provides even compression over all the anatomical prominences of the joint
  • Multi-function buttress surrounds kneecap (patella) and provides compression and stabilization
  • For precisely targeted pressure over soft tissues, any combination of buttress quarter sections can be removed by using scissors to cut through the slits on the interior pocket
  • Upper and lower hook-and-loop encircling straps maintain stabilizer in correct position; straps are adjustable and removable
  • Sheer mesh elastic opening over back of knee for additional wearing comfort
  • Perforated material is breathable, lets perspiration and moisture to escape for extended wearing comfort

Measure around the bend of the knee

Item No.     Size Fits  
2543-S     Small     12.5-13.75 in.  
2543-M     Medium     14.0-15.25 in.  
2543-L     Large     15.5-16.5 in.  
2543-XL     X-large     16.0-17.5 in.  
2543-2L     2X-large     17.75-19.25 in.  
2543-3L     3X-large     19.5-21.0 in.  
2543-4L     4X-large     21.0-24.0 in
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