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Therafirm Light Opaque Tights 10-15mmHg

Therafirm Light Opaque Tights 10-15mmHg
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Therafirm Light Opaque Tights 10-15mmHg

  • BRAND: Therafirm
  • SERIES: Light Ladies
  • GENDER: Women's
  • COMPRESSION: 08-15 mmHg
  • STYLE/LENGTH: Pantyhose
  • CONDITION: Mild Swelling|Tired, Aching Legs
  • HINGE/TOE TYPE: Closed Toe

Therafirm Light Opaque Tights 10-15mmHg

Available in a wide variety of colors, these Therafirm circulation tights will go perfectly with almost anything in your closet, and on top of that, you'll be receiving all of the compression therapy you want and need. These support pantyhose also offer a high tech micro cooling process, and an ultra soft knit-in waistand, for an overall comfortable wearing experience.

Crafted from Lycra and nylon.

Available colors: black, cocoa, white, or winter white.

SKU's: 30914, 30924, 30934, 30915, 30925, 30935, 30916, 30926, 30936, 30913, 30923, 30933


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