McDavid HEX® Skin Turf Tape - MD6650

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  • Best for body-to-body contact and body-to-surface contact.
  • HEX® Skin is engineered to help protect the body from impact, burn, and abrasion.
  • Simply cut to length and apply direct to skin
  • Stays in place during sports and activities such as Football, Basketball, Volleyball & more.
  • Long-lasting, comfortable, and lightweight
  • Breathable, hypo-allergenic
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • SIZE: 3 ft x 4 in. Single Roll Box.
  • CONTENT: Foam: 84% Engage Polyolefin Elastomers/16% EVA; Fabric: 100% Nylon
  • WARNING: Don't apply tape directly to an open wound (ow). If your limb turns an unnatural color and's too tight. Quick! Loosen it!