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Actimove Elbow Support Sleeve, Adjustable (Sports Edition) - 7561730

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Actimove® Shoulder Support - Extra Pocket for Optional Hot/Cold Pack

Adjustable support and protection for shoulder injuries and painful conditions

  • Pain relief and healing are supported through balanced warmth and medical compression.
  • Comfort and good breathability through neoprene-free performance material.
  • Extra pain relief when optional hot/cold therapy pack is placed in build-in pocket.
  • Supports and protects the shoulder while allowing flexibility.
  • Adjustable chest and arm closure for a custom fit.
  • Three sizes available.
  • Can be worn left or right .
Fields of application:
  • Slight shoulder instabilities
  • Degenerative shoulder conditions
  • Tendomyopathies
  • Shoulder sprains / strains
  • After arthroscopy