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The OTC Select 2097 night sock is designed to maintain tension on the plantar fascia tissue in the foot so it can heal in a stretched position at night. Using it can reduce pain upon rising, overall recovery time and the need for medications. When worn as intended it will prevent the plantar fascia from contracting while in the prone or supine (sleeping) position. The night splint holds the ankle and forefoot in a position of slight dorsiflexion and thus prevents the plantar fascia from contracting, which causes pain.

Indications Listed Below

• Extra soft sock with anti-microbial treatment provides for cool, breathable, lightweight comfort, wicks away moisture

 • Non-elastic encircling strap keeps sock in place on leg

• Non-elastic toe strap maintains tension on plantar fascia tissue to aid in healing

• Does not restrict movement in the ankle joint

• Available in black or white