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Safe-T-Sport Neoprene Patella Stabilizing Knee Support Removable Horseshoe

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Safe-T-Sport Neoprene Patella Stabilizing Knee Support Removable Horseshoe

All FLA branded products have been replaced with ACTIMOVE which is the new line by the manufacturer.

Step into better orthopedic health today! This high quality knee brace comes with an open patella design for added support and more breathability. It also comes with a removable horseshoe that can be adjusted according to the stability needs of your knee.

Use: Arthitis, Meniscal Tears, Joint Effusion, Patellar Instability, Knee Contusions, Quad Weakness, Knee Sprains/Strains. Also prevents knee ailments.

Measure thigh circumference 4" above the center of the kneecap.
XSmall 12 - 13"
Small 14 - 15"
Medium 16 - 17"
Large 18 - 19"
XLarge 20 - 21"
XXLarge 22 - 23"
XXXLarge 24 - 25"

Horseshoe should be placed where support is needed. Insert foot into knee support andslide up over the knee. For proper fit, the top of the support should be positioned approximately four inches above the center of the knee. Adjust the support straps so it fits comfortably around the knee without inhibiting circulation. Secure with the easy loop lock closure.

Hand wash in cold water with mild soap before wearing. Wrap in towel to remove excess water (do not twist or wring). Air dry away from heat. Do not tumble dry. Do not bleach.

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